What do I have to take with me?

You'll have to take comfortable clothes and sport shoes, as well as a basic body hygiene kit (toothbrush ans paste, towels,...). Your ID and Social Security cards are required.


How are the Campus’ surroundings like?

The Campus "Basketball in the Camino" is on the town of Sarria, province of Lugo. It's carried out in the superb facilities granted by the city government in the sporting area of O Chanto. At less than 100 m there is the Dormitory, on the Fray Luís de Granada Primary School premises. On that same


How is the accommodation like?

Our dormitory, in the Fray Luís de Granada School premises, has rooms with full bathroom for 12 to 14 attendants. The total lodging capacity is 150 attendants. The dormitory has a Meeting Room where coaches prepare their training sessions, and where attendants can enjoy table games in their spare time. The dining room is also