The Campus “Basketball in the Camino” is on the town of Sarria, province of Lugo. It’s carried out in the superb facilities granted by the city government in the sporting area of O Chanto. At less than 100 m there is the Dormitory, on the Fray Luís de Granada Primary School premises. On that same surrounding, a traffic free open area, we have three covered courts, one of them with hardwood flooring, that offer space for five basketball fields. On the same premises of the dormitory we can use 2 minibasket covered courts. We can use four basketball and three minibasket uncovered courts too. Alongside these basketball specific facilities, attendants can use three outdoor swimming pools, one futsal outdoor court, two outdoor tennis courts, one outdoor paddle court and two grass football fields.
All this placed in natural and historical privileged surroundings, just on the french way to Santiago.
Meet Sarria!